Attorney Dedra Sibley, of law firm Allen & Arcadier of Melbourne, Florida, discusses criminal law…
Attorney from Dedra Sibley explains in easy to understand language what probation is and the consequences of violating a probation order More Information: For more information, please visit our criminal law page Attorney: Dedra Sibley Status: Legal Explanation Date Filed: November 2, 2012 Our Melbourne office is centrally located [...]
Analysis of the law in Florida concerning non competes and Florida Statute 542.335
Excerpt from one of our non compete cases where the enforceability of F.S. 542.335, non-compete law is analyzed under Florida Law ANALYSIS Under 542.335: The standard for Injunctive Relief with respect to restrictive covenants requires Plaintiff to plead and prove: (1) the existence of an enforceable contract, including a statutorily-defined [...]
Attorney Dedra Sibley, of law firm Arcadier and Associates of Melbourne, Florida, discusses a criminal…
DUI – Driving under the influence, in the State of Florida, explained by attorney Dedra Sibley, from Melbourne, Brevard County. Attorney from law firm Arcadier & Associates, of Melbourne, Florida, discusses criminal law in Florida, and in particular DUI or driving under the influence cases Indeed, while no one should [...]
Analysis of the PDA and some of its legal intricacies under Florida Law (Sample excerpt…
Excerpt memo of law for Pregnancy Discrimination under the PDA and Florida Statutes This case involves a pregnancy discrimination claim. The basic facts as you described them to me are as follows: Plaintiff was employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in an ER. She became pregnant and was given [...]
Reasons to nominate a guardian for your minor children
Why should you nominate or assign guardian for my minor children? Reasons to nominate have a Guardian in your Will if you have minor children: Nominating a guardian for your minor children provides notice to the court and your family of who you think is best suited to care for [...]
In Florida, what are the reasons you need a will to be drafted by an…
Why do you need a will? The value of a Will drafted by an Attorney. Melbourne, Brevard, Florida Without a will, a person’s property will be distributed according to the intestate inheritance laws. The intestate inheritance laws are the Florida legislature’s best guess as to what the average Florida citizen [...]
Why you should not use an internet company to draft your Will
Why shouldn’t you use an internet company to draft my will? Benefits of using an attorney to draft your Will Your will is an important legal document. By using a fill in the blank form will, you take the risk that your will not be effective after your death. You [...]