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Asset Protection

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Asset protection is part of a sound wealth management plan that protects assets from creditors and minimizes the risk exposure of the assets from endeavors which are unrelated to how the assets were accumulated.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and proliferation of friendly jurisdictions, asset protection requires extensive knowledge and experience best addressed by professionally licensed attorneys.


Our attorneys provides asset protection advice and services in the following areas:

  • Off-Shore Protection
  • International Tax Advice
  • Minimization of Risks
  • Cryptocurrency transfers and holdings
  • Holding Companies
  • Legal Advice on asset holdings including Annuities, Homestead, Retirement Accounts and third-party accounts.
  • OFAC Searches
  • Safe Heavens
  • Estate Planning
  • Export Advice and Licensing
  • Trusts


There are many lawful tools which are utilized by attorneys of high net worth and wealthy individuals to protect assets. Assets are primarily protected using trusts, holding companies, multiplicity of ownership, protected accounts, crypto accounts, confidential accounts, retirement products and offshore holdings. Which type of company and which methods to be used is a fact intensive analysis that depends on how the income was generated and declared, amount of wealth, location of assets, as well as the individualized personal facts of each client.

Simple asset protection strategies range in price from $2,500 to establish a basic trust, up to $25,000 or more for offshore strategies depending on the Country or Territory to be used. Typical jurisdictions which we work with include the Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, Sark, and Panama.

Protect your assets the legal way. Our law firm has the legal experience and connections to protect your assets using legal processes to minimize taxes, minimize liabilities and maximize protections.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Consultations available in person at our Melbourne, Florida location or via phone (321-953-5998), zoom, or netmeetings. A typical consultation lasts one hour and a half and costs $600. It includes a review of current taxes, balance sheets, and “know-your customer” background.

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