Product Liability and Wrongful Death
Product Liability Law In a product liability claim, the plaintiff is holding the manufacturer or retailer of a product liable for an injury or death. To have a successful claim, the plaintiff must prove negligence in the making or marketing of the product. Product liability claims also ask the question, [...]
What are my rights if I was injured in a slip and fall accident?
A slip and fall lawyer is an excellent resource for getting insight about your legal rights after sustaining a serious injury that wasn’t your fault. They provide injured victims of slip and fall accidents with a consultation. This gives them the opportunity to seek input as to what their rights [...]
What is a VSD
A Voluntary Self Disclosure, otherwise known as a VSD, in the context of Federal Regulations, is a disclosure of information to the appropriate government agency that relates to potential violations of the regulations when the regulations and law carry civil or criminal liabilities for said violations. A VSD should be [...]
What is Business Law
An Overview of Business Law Business law encompasses rules, codes, statutes, and regulations that have been created to govern commercial relationships, in addition to providing a legal outline for business conduct and management. Business law covers various areas including information, organization, contracts, planning, negotiations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Below we [...]
Security Clearance and Bankruptcy
The United States Federal Government has extensive discretion in granting a security clearance. However, investigators use numerous guidelines and, when the finding is adverse, the applicant for the clearance has a right for an Administrative Judge to review the criteria and ascertain whether the granting of the clearance is in [...]
INCREMENTACION DE PRECIOS INMIGRATORIOS – CONOZCA LA LEY. (AUGUST,2010) Por Fernando M. Palacios, JD. – Abogado de inmigracion en Melbourne, Florida representando la firma de Arcadier y Associates. USCIS PROPONE AUMENTO DE PRECIOS. El Servicio de Inmigración ( por sus siglas en inglés USCIS) propuso nuevos derechos fiscales para otorgar [...]
What is a Commodity Jurisdiction
Commodity Jurisdiction commonly referred to as a CJ, is a request to the Department of State of the United States Government to help a person or entity determine whether a particular good or service is a product that is covered under the US Munitions’ List (USML). If an item is [...]

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