What is a VSD
A Voluntary Self Disclosure, otherwise known as a VSD, in the context of Federal Regulations, is a disclosure of information to the appropriate government agency that relates to potential violations of the regulations when the regulations and law carry civil or criminal liabilities for said violations. A VSD should be [...]
What is Business Law
An Overview of Business Law Business law encompasses rules, codes, statutes, and regulations that have been created to govern commercial relationships, in addition to providing a legal outline for business conduct and management. Business law covers various areas including information, organization, contracts, planning, negotiations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Below we [...]
Security Clearance and Bankruptcy
The United States Federal Government has extensive discretion in granting a security clearance. However, investigators use numerous guidelines and, when the finding is adverse, the applicant for the clearance has a right for an Administrative Judge to review the criteria and ascertain whether the granting of the clearance is in [...]
INCREMENTACION DE PRECIOS INMIGRATORIOS – CONOZCA LA LEY. (AUGUST,2010) Por Fernando M. Palacios, JD. – Abogado de inmigracion en Melbourne, Florida representando la firma de Arcadier y Associates. USCIS PROPONE AUMENTO DE PRECIOS. El Servicio de Inmigración ( por sus siglas en inglés USCIS) propuso nuevos derechos fiscales para otorgar [...]
What is a Commodity Jurisdiction
Commodity Jurisdiction commonly referred to as a CJ, is a request to the Department of State of the United States Government to help a person or entity determine whether a particular good or service is a product that is covered under the US Munitions’ List (USML). If an item is [...]
Florida Statutes 608.4225 Duty of Loyalty and Care Under Florida Corporation and Business Law
Duty Of Loyalty and Care F.S. 608.4225 No Standing as to Alpha Properties In Count II Plaintiff, alleges that he is a member of Alpha Properties, claims that Defendant breached a duty of loyalty owed to Plaintiff as a member of Alpha Properties pursuant to F.S. 608.4225. The statute provides, [...]
Landlord and Tenant Law
Landlord Tenant Law is a contractual relationship between someone who owns property and someone that wants a temporary use of that property. Generally speaking, there are two general categories of the landlord and tenant relationship. Residential tenancies which are governed under Florida Statute Chapter 83 (83.001 – 83.251) and Commercial [...]