El futuro de las visas de loteria
Esta en Peligro la Loteria de Visas? El Programa de Visas de Diversidad para los inmigrantes se conoce comunmente como la loteria de visas. Este Programa fue creado por el Congreso para diversificar la procedencia de los inmigrantes y premiar a los solicitantes de visas de aquellos paises que emigran [...]
As a Plaintiff, What Are Benefits of a Jury?
Our system of jurisprudence originated with their fundamental right for a trial by jury. In other words, our system of justice was intended to be governed by the will of our peers; to have fate and wrongdoing be determined by a pool of society rather than a single authoritarian power. [...]
Proposed changes to fundamental immigration laws that negatively impact legitimate immigrants
Lottery Immigration Visas and Temporary Parole Status Are In Peril The Diversity Visas program for immigrants is commonly known as the Visa Lottery. This program was initially created by Congress to diversify the American immigrant pool and award a certain set of visas to countries who traditionally have a low [...]
Legal Standards and the Burden of Proof used in criminal law versus civil law
The burden of proof, and the different standards used in our legal system between Civil Cases and Criminal Cases is oftentimes confusing. The media creates a sense of shock from large verdicts, or not guilty verdicts, but the substance and legal standards used are often missed. Indeed, in a Criminal [...]
Attorneys from the law firm of Arcadier & Associates, of Melbourne, Florida, discuss what to…
If you are served with a lawsuit you must file a responsive pleading before the expiration of the time to respond expires. In Florida, this is not oftentimes easy to determine because where the Complaint is filed and the type of complaint that is filed, carries different time periods. For [...]
Attorney Lauren Cooney, discusses Current Employment Law legal issue and Enforceability of arbitration agreements.
Recent legal trends on the right to a Jury trial are being significantly hindered through the use and enforceability of Arbitration Agreements. An arbitration agreement is a contract between two parties where they agree to waive their rights to a Jury trial. Florida Courts, and the Supreme Court of the [...]
Work Place Injury – What can I do if I broke my leg on the…
Work Place Injury The laws surrounding work place injury, in Florida, fall under Chapter 440 of the Florida Statutes and the Workers’ Compensation laws. The first thing you need to do is report your injury to your employer and file a claim. Florida Law protects an employee from retaliation as [...]