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Attorney Dedra Sibley, of law firm Arcadier and Associates of Melbourne, Florida, discusses a criminal law issue: driving under the influence (DUI).

DUI – Driving under the influence, in the State of Florida, explained by attorney Dedra Sibley, from Melbourne, Brevard County.

Attorney from law firm Arcadier & Associates, of Melbourne, Florida, discusses criminal law in Florida, and in particular DUI or driving under the influence cases

Indeed, while no one should drive while intoxicated or inebriated, all U.S next page. persons are entitled to due process and mitigation of damages as permitted by law. An experienced attorney should be consulted to address the particular facts of your situation. Sometimes the law is counter-intuitive, and certain evidence can be excluded if law enforcement took a short cut or failed to follow the standards as set out by law.

Procedural violations include failing to have the proper chain of custody of evidence, fruit of the poisonous tree principals and exclusions, lack of probable cause, entrapment, failure to read miranda or inform accused of right to an attorney or legal counsel, and many other situations which are not always initially apparent to the eye.

This video introduces some of the most basic dui scenarios and legal principals that can assist you in identifying issues which may assist in your defense. In any event, you should consult with an attorney to assess the particular facts of your case so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. An experienced, qualified attorney who represents clients in DUI cases should be sought in the particular county where the alleged DUI incident took place.


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