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Attorney Maurice Arcadier, Explains Employment Law Whistleblower Issues in Fl
Attorney from law firm Arcadier and Associates, Maurice Arcadier, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law, of Melbourne, Florida, discusses whistleblower issues in a short videolaw issue for background information More Information: For more information, please visit our labor and employment law page Florida Whistleblower laws include Florida Statute Chapter [...]
Background Check Conditional Approval Revoked by FDLE and Florida Statute 790.065
Despite Florida Statute 790.065, Plaintiff alleges that Defendant had a duty to properly notify law enforcement of Shooters failed background check, however they have failed to cite to any statute or law to support such an allegation. In fact, Defendants have no such duty; under the common law or otherwise. [...]
Como esta progresando la reforma inmigratoria en nuestro Congreso
Regorma Inmigratoria, CONOZCA LA LEY. 06-2013 (updated 2016) Por Fernando M. Palacios, JD. El Debate sobre la Reforma Inmigratoria. El pasado 9 de mayo el Comite Judicial de Senado integrado por 18 Senadores comenzo a debatir la propuesta de ley de la Reforma Inmigratoria considerando 106 enmiendas propuestas por los [...]
Can I borrow Money From My Retirement Plan
This video answers the question: Can I borrow Money From My Retirement Plan? In this short video, Maurice Arcadier, a board certified attorney in Labor and Employment law, explains that the question is not easily answered unless a lot of information is given. For instance, it matters what the loan [...]
Cuales Son los taxes para residentes
Ingresos sujetos a impuestos para los residentes permanentes. CONOZCA LA LEY. 11-2013. Por Fernando M. Palacios, JD. Ingresos sujetos a impuestos para los residentes permanentes. Los ingresos de un residente generalmente estan sujetos a un impuesto similar al de los ciudadanos americanos. Si Ud. es un residente permanente en este [...]
Pregnancy discrimination is protected under Florida Law (FCRA)
Recent Federal Middle District Ruling Determines Pregnancy Discrimination is Protected under the Florida Civil Rights Act Below, is the Order from Federal Court Judge Patricia Fawcett Case 6:13-cv-00421-PCF-GJK UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA ORLANDO DIVISION CASE NO. 6:13-cv-421-Orl-19GJK BRITTANY GLASS, v. CAPTAIN KATANNA’S, INC., AND PINEDA INN [...]
Personal Injury Consultation – What to Expect When You Meet With An Attorney
What to expect and what you will need in your personal injury consultation Setting a Consultation: A personal injury consultation is free. So you are encouraged to take advantage and find out what your rights are. To set a consultation time, it is best to call the office and schedule [...]