Brief Explanation: What is a Will. Melbourne Will Attorney Explains

What is a Will, as Explained by an experienced Will and Probate Attorney.

A court will generally recognize a written will and transfer a person’s assets after their death in accordance with the wishes stated in the will. With a will, a person can bypass most of the statutory inheritance rules and choose to whom their assets will go after their death. For a will to be valid in Florida, it must meet certain statutory requirements. For example, a will must be a written document and witnessed by at least 2 witnesses. An attorney will ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements so that your Will is valid.

So long as a Will is properly drafted and the factual particulars of a given family situation are considered, a Will helps to minimize costly disputes and costly legal battles between family members and other beneficiaries. Moreover, if a Will is not executed, an individual’s estate may face judicial interception and may permit many aspects of the estate, including monetary, pecuniary and intangible assets to be distributed or misdistributed as directed by the Jurisdiction which governs the Estate.

A Will is not too expensive to implement and it will save countless hours of headaches and issues for your loved ones. A typical basic Will, including discussing your particular Estate issues can be as inexpensive as $250. Additionally, if your personal objectives, desires or circumstances change, you can easily change your Will via proper execution.

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Eve Travis, Probate Attorney, Will Attorney
Date Filed:
September 12, 2012

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