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Healthy Divorces, Not Destructive Battles

  • By Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC
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Divorce is inherently stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a destructive war. While some cases do require courtroom battles, many couples can benefit from a less adversarial approach. According to our friend at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions, if you value minimizing conflict and finding sustainable solutions, consider working with an attorney whose passion is helping clients with healthy divorces.

The Toll Of Traditional Divorce

Standard divorce models often prioritize conflict, which escalates costs – both financially and emotionally as a divorce lawyer can attest. Clients feel hostage to the Court system and can end up financially destroyed as a result. There are no winners in the traditional adversarial divorce system. It hurts future co-parenting relationships and turns an unexpected life-event into a traumatic life-changing crisis. 

This system also tends to encourage long, drawn out processes that keep clients hanging on and feeling stressed, which is then further shown in how they handle the case. Overall, this system is not a great one.

Look For An Attorney That Will Help You

When searching for an attorney that specializes in healthy divorces, you should consider:

  • Cost Transparency: for example, a flat-fee structure eliminates surprise bills. This allows you to focus on building a workable agreement rather than worrying about mounting legal fees. 
  • Client Input and Empowerment: a supportive lawyer guides you through the process, ensuring your client’s voice and priorities are central. This empowerment leads to settlements that clients helped create and understand and that often stand the test of time. 
  • Prioritizing Well-being: Divorce takes an emotional toll on clients and the attorneys. Your lawyer should actively encourage clients to seek therapy, connect with support groups, and maintain self-care. Clearer decision-making and resilience follow her clients into the future. What does not follow them into the future? Enormous legal bills or the sense that the Court system failed them. 
  • Protecting Co-Parenting Relationships: When children are involved, your should attorney help you understand the long-term harm of conflict. The attorney knows first hand that conflict leads parents to pressuring children to make adult decisions, like telling a guardian ad litem where they want to live, or subjecting them to unnecessary conflicts between their parents. A lawyer facilitates agreements that focus on the best interests of their client’s children, easing the transitions the children face.

Benefits Of This Approach

Reduced Financial Burden: Solutions-focused methods mean significantly lower overall legal costs. A traditional divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, whereas uncontested divorces cost considerably less. 

Less Stress & Anxiety: Clients do not face the worry about a Judge deciding holidays with their children or who gets the house. Instead, the settlements created with a lawyer help clients with expressing their wishes and desires.

Long-term Stability: Amicable agreements are less likely to need costly court modifications later on.

While some cases inevitably require traditional litigation, clients should be encouraged to explore alternatives whenever possible. If you’re facing divorce and want to minimize harm to your finances, emotional health, and family, contact an attorney near you for help on your case.

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