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Why you should not use an internet company to draft your Will

Why shouldn’t you use an internet company to draft my will? Benefits of using an attorney to draft your Will

Your will is an important legal document. By using a fill in the blank form will, you take the risk that your will not be effective after your death. You will think that you have everything in order, but your family discovers, after passing away, that the form will was not executed properly or that you failed to comply with one of the inheritance rules. If you use a Florida estate planning attorney, the attorney will make sure that your will is executed according to Florida law.benefits of attorney drafting a will
Another benefit of using an attorney to draft your will is that you get the advice of an attorney.

People have different needs when drafting their will. For example, a person may have a family business, children from a prior marriage, a spouse who needs investment management, or a taxable estate. Whatever your needs are, an attorney will draft you a personalized will that fits your unique situation. Hiring an attorney to draft your will gives you peace of mind that your will has been properly drafted and executed.
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Eve Travis
Date Filed:
September 17, 2012

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