Wrongful Termination Attorney – Video by Maurice Arcadier

Board Certified attorney, Maurice Arcadier, who is a wrongful termination attorney who is also certified as a Labor and Employment law specialist by the Florida Bar, explains in the video below what constitutes a wrongful termination under Florida Law. Most people are under the impression that a wrongful termination includes a termination which has no legitimate reason for the termination. However, the wrongful termination law in Florida only protects employees who have an actual, termed contract, or otherwise, if the employer violates a law which has been codified by Federal or State statutes. The laws which protect employees include the right to attend jury duty, the right not to be discriminated in the workplace due to age, gender, race, ethnic background or religion, and the right to report illegal activities or work safety violations to the appropriate government agencies. Additionally, workplace harassment is protected if it is based on illegal discrimination and employees have a right not to be retaliated as a result of reporting discrimination to the employer. There are many other laws which protect employees which include the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Worker’s Comp retaliation.

Employees should be mindful that the law has strict time limitations for claims to be asserted and that most claims are esoteric and require strict procedural

wrongful termination attorneyadherence prior to the institution of a lawsuit.

A wrongful termination attorney can provide you the guidance and legal advice you need to make the best decisions. The firm does charge for a consultation, however, if the law firm takes your case, payment for attorney fees can be done on contingency, which means that the client does not have any out of pocket costs until the conclusion of the case.  Mr. Arcadier is the managing partner of Arcadier, Biggie, and Wood, PLLC with its main office in Central Florida (Brevard County, Melbourne). Mr. Arcadier has over 20 years of experience representing clients in business law and employment law.

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“I continue to be impressed and grateful for Maurice Arcadier’s depth of knowledge, methodical, measured and fair legal guidance. I’ve worked and conducted business across 15 countries, but here at home, he and his law firm feel just as much business partners as legal counsel. The perspective and consideration he offers remains more-than-valuable to me as I navigate each new business endeavor. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maurice to anyone !”
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