Whistleblower, OSHA (FOX Business News Network) – Interview of Maurice Arcadier

Whistleblower, OSHA (FOX Business News Network) – Interview of Maurice Arcadier

  • By Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC
  • 1959



Maurice Arcadier is interviewed by Fox Business News concerning a high profile Whistleblower case over a death of an employee while performing in the Seaworld Orlando Whale show.


Fox News Network interviews Mr. Maurice Arcadier, from the law firm of Arcadier, Biggie and Wood, PLLC, concerning a Whistleblower case with Sea World related to the whale (Tilikum) who killed an employee.  Maurice Arcadier represented a former HR employee.

Under whistleblower laws, an employer can not take an adverse employment action as a result of an employee reporting an illegal activity. This is known as a wrongful termination. There are numerous whistleblower laws and each their own particulars. This case dealt with allegations of retaliation as a result of reporting information to OSHA. OSHA is a federal government agency that investigates and addresses safety concerns in the workplace. Under Florida Law, Florida Statutes 448.102 codifies the whistleblower laws as it pertains to private employers. In addition Florida State Law, there are numerous specific anti-retaliation and whistleblower protections for employees and former employees. To learn more about these laws and their applicability, please visit our employment law page. 

In Mr. Arcadier’s 20 year legal career, Mr. Arcadier has represented hundreds of clients in Whistleblower cases in Florida. Mr. Arcadier is board certified and specializes in labor and employment law, is AV rated, and is the managing partner of Arcadier, Biggie and Wood and resides in Brevard County, Florida. The main office is in Melbourne, Florida with satellite offices in Orlando and Boca Raton.





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