Personal Injury Consultation – What to Expect When You Meet With An Attorney

What to expect and what you will need in your personal injury consultation

Setting a Consultation:
A personal injury consultation is free. So you are encouraged to take advantage and find out what your rights are. To set a consultation time, it is best to call the office and schedule a mutually convenient time. Email scheduling is possible, but time slots may get filled prior to scheduling your desired time. Additionally, email is not dynamic meaning, the time you request may not be available to you.
What to bring:
Prior to your consultation, you should try to have the following documents (if available)
1. Police report or accident report
2. Medical recordspersonal injury consultation, free consultation

3. Id. such as a driver’s license
4. Statements of witnesses.
5. Insurance policy.

Your attorney can get all of these records for you, but it will prevent him from properly assessing your case at the time of the consult.

It is also a good idea to write down the main questions you would like answered. This will be an efficient use of everyone’s time.

When you come into the office, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will give you paperwork to fill out. Please complete all the questions in the form as it will assist the attorney to better help you.

We try to meet our clients at the scheduled time, however, that is not always possible because an earlier consultation may take longer, or there could be an emergency conference from the Court, or other unexpected issues that may arise that are outside of the attorney’s control. Please be patient and we will get to you as soon as possible and give you and your case the full attention it deserves.


Typically, a personal injury consultation takes 30 minutes to do. But of course, this varies depending on the case, the client, the client’s past history, and all the particulars of the case.


You may be asked personal information. You should be mindful that in litigation, most issues of privacy go out the door, meaning your entire past may become relevant. It is important that you give full disclosure to your attorney. It is fundamental that your attorney knows everything so he can address it. Discovering things after the fact may jeopardize your case and limit your attorney’s ability to represent you.


After all your questions have answered your attorney may need additional time to research the particulars of your case, or seek to get additional documents needed to properly evaluate the case. However, because of our experience, we will usually be able to tell you if it is an economically feasible case for us to take based on the damages and liability of the case, or give you a referral to another attorney who specializes in your specific matter.
Maurice Arcadier
Date Filed:
June 25, 2013

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