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If you or someone you care about was injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need to contact a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana from Ward & Ward Law Firm right away to seek compensation from the negligent party. You should never have to pay for something that was the fault of another person and should be compensated to have your life as close to normal as possible after the accident. 

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

There are many different things that are classified under “personal injury law.” Some of the most common occur as automobile accidents. Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents all make up a great portion of personal injury cases. Other examples of typical personal injury law include dog bite injuries, slip and fall accidents, falls from great heights, workplace accidents, and product liability cases. Some that fall under other categories of personal injury law include medical malpractice lawsuits and even wrongful death cases. 

Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side

It is often crucial to hire an attorney to help deal with a lawsuit, but this is particularly important when you are dealing with something as important as your health. Your attorney will be able to think rationally while you may still feel frustrated about the entire accident, and your attorney knows the Indiana laws that surround personal injury law so will be able to give you the best advice based upon many years of experience in the matter. You can focus on recovering and healing while knowing you are in the good hands of someone who has your best interest at heart. 

Damages You May File for in a Personal Injury Case

There are many different things that you may want to file damages for in a personal injury lawsuit. Some of these include, but are not limited to: 

  • Compensation for medical costs associated with the injury. This includes hospital bills, copays to doctor visits, prescription medication costs, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and anything else associated with healing after your injury. 
  • Compensation for property damage that occurred during the accident. In a car accident this could be your vehicle or anything inside of it that was damaged, or in a slip and fall it could be the cost of a laptop or cell phone that was broken due to the fall. 
  • Compensation for lost wages due to missed work and compensation for any future work you may miss due to the injury. This may even include a job change, which you should be compensated for because if you did not get hurt, you would likely not be changing jobs so suddenly. Your lifestyle should not have to change just because someone else was negligent and you were injured.
  • Finally, you can file for compensation for pain and suffering if your injury was particularly traumatic. It is more difficult to calculate these damages, which is why it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side, but it is a good incentive for the negligent party to never commit the same act of negligence again, so a judge may end up granting you this. 

Do not hesitate to reach out. The attorneys at Ward & Ward Law Firm will look forward to hearing from you and helping in any way we can.

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