What To Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident While Pregnant

Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident LawyerIf you are pregnant and have recently been in a car accident, you should be seen by a physician as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine and just had a minor fender bender, you cannot be too careful when you are expecting a baby, explains a car accident lawyer from a law firm like Tuttle Law, P.A.. Check out the information below on steps to take if you have been in a car accident while pregnant.

See a Doctor

After a minor car accident, you may feel as though your busy schedule does not allow for time spent checking you and your baby when you are feeling fine. However, even small impacts have the potential to cause a placental abruption. It may seem unlikely, but you need to be sure both you and baby are safe before moving on with your life.

If the car accident was serious, head straight to the emergency room via ambulance. There is no reason to risk your own or your baby’s health, so be sure to get an examination immediately. Once it is determined that you are stable, a full obstetrical examination will occur. It is also likely that an ultrasound of the baby will be performed. If anything is amiss, try to remain calm and contact a loved one to meet you at the hospital for support.

Contact a Lawyer

Sometimes harm does come to an expecting mother or her baby as a result of motor vehicle accidents. If this is the case and you experience damages, either emotional or financial, it may be beneficial to contact a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to tell you whether or not you have a case against the other driver in the accident. Who was determined to be at fault for the accident may play a role in whether or not you have a case against the other driver. For example, if you caused the accident, a lawyer may tell you that you do not have a solid case to sue the other driver for damages. On the other hand, if the other driver was at fault, the lawyer may see things differently. Provide as much detail and documentation as possible when discussing a potential lawsuit with a lawyer so that he or she can evaluate your claim accurately.

If you have been injured in a car accident while pregnant and suffered damages as a result, call a lawyer today to find out if you may have a case against the other driver.

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