When To File a Lawsuit Over a Car Accident

Auto Accident Lawyer

Just because you were in a car accident doesn’t mean you should sue. As an auto accident lawyer from a firm like the Yearin Law Office can explain, some scenarios are more conducive to lawyering up than others. Here are a few situations where it makes sense to file a lawsuit.

Your Insurance Will Not Pay

Insurance companies are notorious for not paying claimants. Just like any other business, they’re focused on their bottom line. A car accident lawyer can help reverse denials. Experts in this field are skilled at navigating the bureaucratic red tape that rules these operations. Sometimes all it takes is the threat of litigation to get positive results. 

You Were Partially at Fault

Car accidents are never easy to deal with, and each case is different. Occasionally, a car accident is the result of both parties’ poor judgment. Even when this is the case, one driver may be more to blame than the other. The person who is less at fault should be compensated accordingly.

A car accident attorney can make an argument in court that your role in the wreck was less than someone else’s and that you deserve payment for the other individual’s wrongdoing.

You Cannot Arrive at a Settlement

One way of making wreck victims whole is by settling out of court. This is often preferable to a lengthy and draining court case. Therefore, some defendants are more than willing to offer one in exchange for not bringing charges. Still, there are oftentimes disagreements regarding an incident that make this impossible. In these instances, the only path toward a resolution is likely a full-fledged legal battle.

You Suffered Significant Losses

Minor fender benders typically do not rise to the level of litigation. Rather, they are usually better dealt with by going through insurance. If the collision you endured was particularly catastrophic, however, this route might not be adequate. Insurance companies are inclined to scrutinize the most serious cases, as they are especially loath to cut checks for larger amounts. The odds are that they’ll propose an amount far lower than you deserve and which is wholly inadequate. Under these circumstances, it makes better sense to hire a car accident lawyer and prepare to face a judge.

When you’re hurt in a vehicular accident caused by someone else, you deserve to be compensated. There are various ways of getting what you’re owed, but it may be necessary to involve the courts if you’re going to achieve justice. Hire an experienced car accident litigator to identify your best path forward.

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