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Had to quit job because of hostility

Had to quit job because of hostility

Had to leave my job without notice because the client I was caring for  was verbally abusive and very hostile leaving me no choice causing me anxiety mental anguish and unable to work in my job. There was also illegal duties which I had to perform as part of my care daily I want to know what recourse if any I have.


If the hostility was severe enough, you are eligible for unemployment benefits.Hostile work environment

You never have to perform illegal duties. You have the right to refuse to perform illegal duties. Those protections are governed under the whistleblower laws. However, normally, if you quit without being retaliated for refusing, then you do not appear to have a wrongful termination case. H

Notwithstanding the above, you, the employee may still be entitled to Unemployment Benefits. Under Florida Law, an employee is eligible for unemployment benefits, even if they quit or resign, if the reason for the resignation is due to a severe hostility or hostile work environment that would cause any reasonable employee to quit.

You should be mindful that employment law is very fact intensive. Should you wish to discuss your case and background, you may do so by calling our office to set up a convenient time.