Background Checks and Attorney Services in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Surrounding Areas in Central Florida.

As information becomes more accurate and accessible, Background checks have become standard practice for companies and individuals to ascertain public and semi-public information on individuals and companies prior to entering into a contract, transaction or endeavor. Our law firm can provide an accurate background check on an individual or company for as little as $100.

Types of Background Checks:

There are many different types of background checks that are available depending on the amount of detail and scope of coverage of information. The basic background checks cover criminal background history information, bankruptcies, places of residence, and places of employment,Intensive background checks include bank information, specific banking transaction information,

Background Checks and Attorney Services in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Surrounding Areas in Central Florida.

travel information, associations, private Facebook and other on-line social media information, and in some cases, healthcare information. The scope of information can be county wide, state-wide, entire United States, and International coverage, including receiving information from Interpol and other international sources.

Uses of a Background Check:

The uses of background check include pre-litigation and litigation support of parties and witnesses, pre-screening of applicants, landlord-tenant verifications, government applications and numerous other types of activities that you wish to engage in which requires or necessitates a credibility background that minimizes risk and liability as it pertains to the character of the person or history of a company so that informed decisions can be made prior to committing to a contract or a long term relationship.

What is Needed to do a Background Check?

For a basic background check, we need to be able to identify the person. Numerous of different kinds of information is useful to ascertain the person or entity you wish to run a background check to. Full name, places of residence, description of the person, the age of the person and social security number are all good sources of information to determine the identity of the person. We do not need permission from the person being checked in order to run a background check. However, to receive an immersive report, our law office would need permission from the person or entity, a subpoena, or a court order.

To do a standard background check, we use numerous 3rd party sources to compile a report. The typical cost for a standard background check is $100 for our law office to compile. Our standard background checks tend to be more reliable than the random, hit or miss reports that are available from legitimate and illegitimate sources.

The next level of background checks includes biometrics, fingerprinting, or private investigator services which may include surveillance and other forms of legal information gathering. Biometrics and fingerprinting is often needed to get background information from the FBI database, which in turn provides background checks for security clearances, government applications, healthcare applications and licensing, realtor and broker licenses, beer and alcohol licensing, FAA licensing, and other federal and state licensing needed for employment or to engage in governmental transactions.

In addition to finding out about others, it is likewise a good idea, from time to time, to get a background check on yourself to see what others will see when they do a background check on

Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood

you and to ascertainBackground checks check attorney services if the public information that is available on you is accurate and fair. If it is not, oftentimes, our attorneys can cause false or defamatory information to be taken off of the web, or to have publications retract the inaccurate information.
As the client, we will always keep your information private, and all our communications, unlike most of the non-attorney companies who do background checks, are maintained strictly and statutorily protected under Florida’s attorney-client privilege.

Our law office is a licensed Livescan provider. At our Melbourne location in Brevard County, we provide biometrics and fingerprinting services by appointment or walk-in basis during regular business hours.

Background checks and legal services go well together. Come get your background needs from our law office which is centrally located in Melbourne, Brevard County. You can set up a consult with an attorney to address your individualized needs either by phone or at an in-person consultation with a licensed attorney.

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