What is a Commodity Jurisdiction
Commodity Jurisdiction commonly referred to as a CJ, is a request to the Department of State of the United States Government to help a person or entity determine whether a [...]
Florida Statutes 608.4225 Duty of Loyalty and Care Under Florida Corporation and Business Law
Duty Of Loyalty and Care F.S. 608.4225 No Standing as to Alpha Properties In Count II Plaintiff, alleges that he is a member of Alpha Properties, claims that Defendant breached [...]
Landlord and Tenant Law
Landlord Tenant Law is a contractual relationship between someone who owns property and someone that wants a temporary use of that property. Generally speaking, there are two general categories of [...]
Wrongful Termination Explanation – Video by Maurice Arcadier, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law
Wrongful Termination Explanation: This video is a wrongful termination explanation under Florida Law, and the elements which explains what wrongful termination is in the State of Florida. This video is [...]
What is the minimum evidentiary support needed to establish individual liablity under the FLSA
Below as an actual example of the minimum that is required to establish personal, individual liability against a CEO of a mid-size company under the FLSA. This brief extract was [...]
Introduction, en francais, La Loi, of Melbourne, Florida.
Arcadier and Associates: Nous pratiquons loi d’emploi et loi d’affaires. Nous avons egalement des divisions pour loi penal, loi fiscale, loi de faillite, loi de la famille, loi de propieded [...]
Introducción, en español, del bufete de abogados de Arcadier, of Melbourne, Florida.
Arcadier y Associados es un bufete de abogados especializando en las leyes de empleo, negocios, daños y perjuicios, imigracion, ley familiar y criminal. Tenemos el abogado, Mauricio Arcadier, que habla [...]
How Does the Tip Credit protect tipped employees under the FLSA?
Protection of tipped employees by the Department of Labor Through 29 C.F.R. § 531.52, the Department of Labor clearly stated that tips “are the property of the employee whether or [...]