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Business Law Facts

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Business Lawyer

If you require legal representation concerning a business law situation, it would be in your best interest to contact a qualified business lawyer.

What is mediation?

Otherwise referred to as arbitration, mediation serves to settle disputes between two individuals or groups of people. In the corporate world, business mediation is a useful tool between employees who are in disagreement over something. Mediation is a great alternative to a formal lawsuit where the court, legal fees, and a judge are involved. Depending on the size of the business, a staff arbitrator or an outside mediator may be present for the mediation. The conflict can typically be resolved within hours, to a couple of days with mediation. A mediator or arbitrator is always a third, unbiased party who can think rationally, and communicate clearly. Mediation is an excellent tool for businesses and can foster healthy working relationships between staff members.

How can a business lawyer help their clients?

A business lawyer can help their clients in many ways. From mediation to settlements to strategic acquisitions, and much more. Having a business lawyer whom you and your company can trust is crucial. The team at Brown Kiely LLP works hard to protect its clients and their best interests. Focusing on business law, their attorneys desire their clients to grow, expand, and create healthy cultures within their organizations. 

What situations may require legal assistance from a business lawyer?

If a business client desires to acquire another business, they would need the assistance of a business lawyer. A strategic acquisition is another example of where an attorney can assist their client in thinking and planning for their future. 

What is a strategic acquisition?

A strategic acquisition is essentially a succession plan for the future of a client’s business. This plan is useful for all employees within a business and can be a means to track and develop potential leaders of an organization. When employees of a business pass away, are fired, retire, resign, or leave for medical reasons, it needs to be documented. Part of a business lawyer’s job is to gather all sorts of documents like these and organize them for the business’ benefit. 

When thinking through a succession plan for future business leaders, clients should look for qualities that they can properly develop. Honesty, integrity, empathetic listening, and a hard work ethic are some examples of qualities that make up a good leader. Potential leaders should be given chances and opportunities to lead. If future leaders are brought into the organization’s vision, they can be a part of carrying that vision on. Part of planning for success is being proactive in developing leaders now. If a business fails to think ahead to the future, it may fail, or not carry on the vision which they value. A Washington DC business lawyer can help their clients protect their values, and prepare for the future of their companies. Contact a business lawyer today, and schedule a risk-free consultation. 

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