What Exactly Will A Defense Attorney Do For Me? 

When you are looking to hire a defense attorney Melbourne, FL residents can rely on, it is important to understand what they will be bringing to the table. Although most people typically think of lawyers as going to court and asking questions to people on the stand, there is so much more to it, especially when a lawyer is defending someone accused of criminal charges. A good defense attorney will:

  • Work with the prosecutor on your case to try to negotiate a deal. This could mean trying to get your charges reduced or get them dropped altogether. 
  • Speak with you candidly about what your options are and what the outlook is. They can provide you with the facts and let you know which way they believe this case may go. 
  • Understand the local court and may know the people who will be on your case, including the prosecutor and the judge. This can give them a clear idea of how to proceed with your case. 
  • Have more resources than the average person when it comes to gathering evidence, speaking with expert witnesses, and knowing the ins and outs of criminal law. These can be extremely invaluable and can be exactly what you need when proceeding with your criminal case. 

If you are being charged with any kind of criminal activity, you will likely be wondering if “lawyering up” is the right call. While there are some legal situations that a person may be in that they might be able to handle on their own, facing criminal charges without the help of legal aid is not the wisest decision. In fact, even a person who is 100% innocent of the crime they are being accused of is still best suited to work with a lawyer. Facts can be misconstrued, evidence can be misleading, and the other side may be falsely accusing you with the help of a good prosecutor. In any situation where you are facing criminal charges, it is a good idea to call a lawyer you can rely on. If this sounds familiar to you, it is time to make a phone call to the Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood now. 

Why not try self-representation? 

You may be asking yourself this question because you are thinking “innocent until proven guilty,” right? However, you cannot find everything you nd about defending yourself in criminal court by looking online, searching through videos, or looking at legal books in the library. While it is good to be familiar with legal jargon and have an idea of what is going on, it is also important to understand that the experience and “on-the-job” training a lawyer has had is extremely important to your defense.

You should never feel like you need to try to defend yourself on your own when you go to court for criminal accusations. Instead, it is best to work with a lawyer you can rely on throughout the process. Call the Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood for more information. 

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