Sexual harassment and hostile work environment

Sexual harassment and hostile work environment


My name is Ioana (ioana), and I am a Romanian Registered Nurse, working for a US medical company based in Orlando.
I worked for them for 5 years (this May), in their hospitals from the military bases in Afghanistan, and now I am working as a flight nurse for their Medevac division.
I had a relationship with my boss, one of the owners, for the past 4 years and 10 months.
It ended when 2 of the employees and one ex-employee sued the company accusing him of sexual harassment, retaliation and hostile work environment.
He admitted to those facts, he told me he slept with other women while being with me and lied to me all these years, and he told me he discussed me as a person and my sexual life and preferences with one of the 2 employees (at the time he told her all these they were BFFs).
After all this started, his ex-BFF , who is my direct boss, started persecuting me. I have emails proving this.
As I said he admitted he talked bad about me to her (he told her I am "default"), and he also admitted he told her everything about our sexual life.
I have skype conversations and audio recordings to sustain my words.

In these conditions I need to know: can I sue the company for all of these?
And how?

Thank you
Ioana Hot

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