Fair Housing Act?

My question is in regard to the Fair Housing act and discrimination. I’ve already done a fair amount of research and found that I fall under one of the exemptions. As I am renting out a couple rooms in my house that I live, which I believe qualifies as owner-occupied housing. I am aware that this exemption doesn’t protect me in regards to advertising. Which I assume means I can’t make any listing stating “No children”. My question however is what discriminatory statements fall under. For example if someone contacts me and I ask if they have kids and they say yes, is it “illegal” for to me make any statement that I don’t want to have kids in my house or will refuse to rent to someone with kids? Or would the best course of action be to simply ignore the person or not return their calls? I live in Florida which according to my research doesn’t have any additions to the Federal Fair Housing Act.

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