Arcadier & Associates P.A. – Melbourne, Florida.


Arcadier & Associates P.A. – Melbourne, Florida.

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Arcadier and Associates is an experienced law firm  who has produced numerous videos to help its client and client base understand general legal principals, and to minimize being blind-sided by misunderstandings or mis-perceptions concerning the law.

The experienced law firm of Arcadier and Associates, P.A. is a full service law firm with 8 lawyers and of counsel attorneys who are dedicated to representing their clients in the best interest of the client. The right response is not always the aggressive response. The totality of the circumstances need to be evaluated and understood using the current applicable legal standards and applying them correctly to the unique facts of each case. Alternate dispute resolution should be explored including mediation and non binding (or binding) arbitration.

Arcadier and Associates is an AV rated law firm, which has been in practice, through its managing partner, since 1997. The law firm consists of three offices located in Boca Raton (South Florida), Orlando, and Melbourne (Brevard County).experienced law firm

The law is constantly changing and every case has unique facts which need to be properly addressed through the right response and process. Not only should you choose qualified attorneys and lawyers who can best serve your interests, you should also take into account experience and results, as those elements are crucial in determining who the best attorney is for the particulars of your case.

In addition to evaluating your lawyer based on his experience and results, a face-to-face meeting is of course advised. A legal relationship is oftentimes like a partnership. You and your attorney may be involved in a professional relationship for many years, including sharing in the proceeds of the results of your case, such as in attorney retainer agreements which contain a contingency clause.

In any event, you can invest $150 in a consultation with one of our attorneys who specializes in your particular needs. Free consultations are offered in the areas of personal injury, bankruptcy, and unpaid overtime.