Larry King Final Part 1

Larry King Final Part 1

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Whistleblower Lawyer, Maurice Arcadier was interviewed by Larry King, in CNNs Larry King Live. It was one of Mr. King’s last interview. Board Certified attorney, Maurice Arcadier, Esq. represented a Whistleblower in the case that received national and worldwide attention. The case has been resolved.

The case was a Florida Case and cited Florida’s Private Whistleblower laws as codified by Florida Statute 448.102. The Florida Private Whistleblower laws protect an employee from being discriminated or retaliated as a result of engaging in protected activity. An experienced whistleblower lawyer is the best person that can help you identify whether in fact, you have a Whistleblower case that can be legally pursued.

Under Florida Whistleblower Law, there are three ways for an employee to enter into protected activity.

  1. To refuse to personally participate in an illegal activity which violates a law, rule, or regulation.
  2. To participate in a formal government investigation by testifying, or otherwise assisting in the investigation.
  3. To report an act of another employee that violates a law, rule, or regulation. However, in order to be covered under the Florida Whistleblower Statute, the employee must have reported the act first in writing to the appropriate employer representative, and said writing must be under oath.



This is the first part interview of the Seaworld whistleblow issue. Mr. Arcadier, the managing partner of Arcadier, Biggie, and Wood, PLLC was interviewed by Larry King in CNN’s Larry King Live. The interview of Mr. Arcadier and his client was one of the last interviews Larry King did and it covered many of the employment-related whistleblower and OSHA issues which received national and worldwide media attention.

Whistleblower lawyer attorney

A Whistleblower Lawyer with experience can help you enter into protected activity by assisting you in reporting the activity, and if necessary, to help you achieve justice if you are retaliated against for doing your civic duty.

At Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, we have extensive experience representing clients throughout the process, including pre-litigation, litigation, trial, and appeals if necessary. Most of our whistleblower cases are done on a full contingency agreement which means the client does not have any out of pocket costs.

To discuss the particulars of any whistleblower issues you may be having, you may and consult with one of our experienced attorneys and lawyers. Our offices are centrally located in Melbourne, Florida, Orlando, and South Florida.


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