Motorcycle Accidents – What do you do?

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle Accidents – What do you do?


Motorcycling or Biking is a favorite past time of many Floridians, home of Bike week in Daytona Florida. The weather, the no helmet rule, and coastal views are some of the reasons Florida has become home to tens of thousands of Bikers.

Brevard County, Melbourne Florida is a popular destination for Bikers who are in transit between the Keys and northern destinations. It goes without saying, that motorcyclists must be specially conscientious of roadway accidents.

Motorcycle accidents, unlike other types of vehicular accidents tend to involve extreme injuries or fatalities. Indeed, wrongful death cases are prevalent when a motorcycle crash involves a moving car or truck. At times, these injuries could entirely change a person’s life. When possible, a motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident should do 2 things on an immediate basis:

  • Seek Immediate medical attention including acceptance of ambulance transportation; and,
  • Seek a local experience lawyer or law firm that specializes in personal injury

The attorney will help you seek justice, remuneration and get your insurance to pay in accordance to the benefits you are entitled.

Statistics of Motorcycle Accidents

The amount of accidents and fatalities which involve motorcycles, in terms of proportionality, are indeed alarming. In fact, the statistics show that there have been a lot more motor cycle accidents involving severe injuries than those involving cars.

One of the major reasons for this could be that the bike moves at the speed of a car but does not provide with the protection of the car. Quite a number of accidents and deaths caused on the highway are due to accidents involving bikers.

  • Bikers are responsible for 11 % of roadways accidents
  • Most motor bike crashes lead to death due to wounds on the head
  • There nearly always is involvement of other vehicles during a motor cycle crash

It might not necessary be the motor cyclist’s fault all the time. The pedestrian, roadway hazards, or the other vehicular negligence could also be responsible or could also have contributed to the accident.

The role of a personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer will help you receive compensate for your loss. You ought not to suffer owing to someone else’s carelessness. Your attorney will see to it that you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to.

When hiring a lawyer for yourself, look into the following things:

  • The reputation of the lawyer
  • Number of clients represented by the lawyer
  • Number of cases won by the lawyer
  • Experience of the lawyer
  • Specialization of the lawyer
  • Knowledge of the lawyer
  • Number of Accident Cases handled by the lawyer

The success rate at trial or favorable settlements is a good guideline to know you are getting competent legal representation. And yes, absolutely, the quality of your lawyer does matter.

A good lawyer seeks out witnesses, gets statements, takes and reviews picture, gets all your medical records, and retains the right experts when necessary. A good personal injury lawyer often chooses to take cases on contingency, meaning the law firm covers for all expenses and fees in exchange for a percentage of the recovery.

Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC is a local experienced law firm with 8 attorneys ready to address any of your legal needs, including attorneys who dedicate a large part of their practice in resolving and trying personal injury cases.

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