Litigation Defense Firm Melbourne, FL

Litigation Defense Firm Melbourne, FL

Litigation Defense Firm Melbourne, FL

Our litigation defense firm Melbourne, FL business owners recommend will tell you that protecting the business you have built should be one of your top priorities. While many hope to propel their businesses into success, it should come as no surprise that this doesn’t often occur without putting forth a lot of hard work. One way to ensure that your business can thrive is by protecting both you and the company from disputes that can occur. In some situations, legal issues may be unavoidable; you may find that you will need an attorney with the courtroom experience necessary to represent you. The reality is that at some point during the life of your business, you may be facing a legal situation that calls for the services of The Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood. By choosing a lawyer early on and by regularly consulting with them throughout, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of litigation. 

What is business litigation?

Business litigation is a form of dispute that occurs when conducting business. These disputes can happen when making day to day business dealings and transactions and may involve companies or individuals. Business litigation comes in many forms and can include disputes over: 

  • Employment Law
  • Breach of Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Intellectual Property
  • +More

What are the common mistakes business owners make that may cause legal problems? 

Starting a new business can be daunting as you will want to ensure its success for many years to come. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes business owners can make that may result in larger issues and even legal problems down the road. The following are some of the most common business mistakes our litigation attorney in Melbourne, FL, has seen business owners make:

  1. Choosing the wrong business structure
  2. Failing to consult with a lawyer
  3. Establishing a partnership without a formal agreement
  4. Not putting contracts in writing
  5. Failing to obtain copyrights, trademarks, etc
  6. Not having an understanding of employment law 

Are there alternatives to settling a business dispute aside from litigation?

Most people would like to avoid litigation at all costs because it can be both expensive and time-consuming. Many will be looking to settle disputes outside of the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution is a way of doing just that through arbitration, negotiation, and mediation. A lawyer can review your case to determine the best type of alternative dispute resolution that will work to receive the best possible outcome. 

How is a litigation attorney different from a business lawyer? 

When business disputes arise, you will want every opportunity at an outcome that ensures the protection of your business by producing a result that is favorable to you. To have the best chance of achieving this outcome, a litigation attorney will be necessary. While a business lawyer provides services that cover nearly all aspects of a business, a litigation attorney holds a more specialized role, representing you in a legal dispute or when legal action has been taken against you. A litigation lawyer is experienced, trained, and prepared to provide defense to their clients in and out of the courtroom. 

The Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood knows that legal representation can feel like a significant expense; however, leaving your business vulnerable to legal claims can be far more costly. We will work closely with you to understand the claim against you and determine a strategy for how best to navigate it. Please don’t wait; call our Melbourne, Florida litigation defense firm. 

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“I continue to be impressed and grateful for Maurice Arcadier’s depth of knowledge, methodical, measured and fair legal guidance. I’ve worked and conducted business across 15 countries, but here at home, he and his law firm feel just as much business partners as legal counsel. The perspective and consideration he offers remains more-than-valuable to me as I navigate each new business endeavor. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maurice to anyone !”
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