Legal Information on Watercraft and Boating Accidents

Watercraft accidents

Legal Information on Watercraft and Boating Accidents


Watercrafts and boats can be a lot of fun. They bring you joy and refreshment. However, it is necessary to remain careful and cautious as potential injury as a result of a boating accident can lead to serious bodily harm and damages. The carelessness amidst the joy and refreshment might cause you an accident. This accident could also mean a lifetime of troubling issues. Thus, it is best to exercise care, be properly insured, and seek legal advice when necessary.

Boating is very popular in Florida and port cities such as Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, and Port Canaveral, located in Brevard County have one of the largest per capita ownership of boats in the State of Florida.Florida has developed regulations and laws for those who own or indulge in boating and all other forms of water sports. True, water sports are a lot of fun but one needs to heed caution as well.

Indeed, one must make sure that they do not indulge in water sports when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (even if prescription drugs if it impairs cognition). If there is an accident, not only are there criminal penalties, significant civil and pecuniary penalties may attach based on the harm and damages caused by the accident.

Law for Victims of Boat and Ski Accidents

Someone who has been harmed by boating accidents should first and foremost file a compensation claim by seeking legal advice. An attorney will help get claims for medical treatment and maximize your rights under the law for just and proper compensation.

However, before that it is necessary to know whether the lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable or not. Or more importantly, if he or she is equipped enough to handle your case. Before retaining an attorney, ask for the experience and qualifications of the attorney. Additionally, in accidents on the ocean, different laws may be applicable depending on how far from shore the accident occurred. In many boating accident instances, maritime law may apply.

Consequences of Watercraft and Boating Accidents

A boat Ski accident can cause

  • Serious Injuries
  • Personal Injury
  • Property Damages
  • Drowning
  • Trauma
  • Brain Damage
  • Breaking of bones
  • Amputation of Organs
  • Internal Damage
  • Temporary or Permanent Disability

Causes of Watercraft Accidents

Since, water sports can be a risky endeavor, nearly everyone works within the safety norms. Watercraft accidents occur owing to negligence of a few people. These few people put the others who comply with the rules at risk. They not only cause trouble for themselves but also for the people who suffered because of their carelessness.

Causes of watercraft accidentsThe common reasons for watercraft accidents are heedlessness, improper devices, dui, amateur drivers etc. Such occurrences are most common in Florida. At times, the accidents are extremely serious and prove to be fatal.

If you’re a boat owner then it is best that you have a license as well as an insurance for yourself and your boat. This will give you some protection from liability and resulting damages.

Also, if you’ve been complying with the rules and are suffering because of someone else’s fault then you should seek compensation from the party at error. You are eligible to get compensation for personal injury, damage of property, losing out on your work days, medical bills and other things alike. Remuneration for your damages is achieved either through a settlement with the insurance adjuster, or through the adversarial process utilizing the Court system.

If you’re involved in such traumatic case, then get yourself a lawyer who’ll represent your interests.

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