What to do When Involved in Taxi Cabs Related Accident

Taxi cab related accidents


What to do When Involved in Taxi Cabs Related Accident

Taxi cabs are a fairly common mode of transport in Florida. Sometimes they are the most convenient form of transportation for travelers and safest form of travel for the inebriated.

Nevertheless, aggressive taxi cab drivers have a high accident rate. Indeed, the rate of taxi cab accidents per day is quite high. The types of taxi cab accidents that can take place are

  • Rear End Collisions
  • Head on Collisions
  • Collisions with other Cars
  • Collisions with other Trucks
  • Accidents with Pedestrians
  • Accidents with Bicycles

A lot of the times, the taxi cab driver commits the following one or more errors which leads or contributes to the accident

  • Exhausted Drivers
  • Agitated Driver
  • Intoxicated Driver
  • Speeding
  • Poor Maintenance of Vehicle
  • Failure to Comply with norms, rules and regulations

Is it Necessary to Call a Lawyer?

If the accident is not significant, there is an urge to try to settle matters amongst yourselves but it is not always easy and definitely not preferable. Plus, you don’t even know if the person is being just to you. Hence, even if you’re doing an out of court settlement, it is best that you consult with a lawyer.

The lawyer will help you get the right kind of compensation for your loss. Thus, if you have been wronged by a taxi driver in an accident, then it is best that you schedule an appointment with one of the attorneys.


Taxi cab accidentIt will work better if the attorney specializes in cases pertaining to personal injury. Your first appointment is always free of cost. Hence, you can talk to the lawyer without any worries. Additionally, most personal injury attorneys will take your case on contingency.

The lawyer will study your case in detail and then make a list of the kind of compensation or remuneration you deserve. Different set of insurance rules applies to different kinds of injuries. The injuries are categorized into

  • Fatal injuries
  • Shock
  • Mental imbalance
  • Damages on the face
  • Critical injuries on the head
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Back Spasm
  • Fractures of joints
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Visionary Loss
  • Wrongful Death

Apart from physical injuries, a person involved in an accident may also go through a lot of mental and emotional trauma. The trauma arises due to the situation caused by the accident. A lawyer will not only get you compensation in the form of medical bills and insurance money but he or she will also get you compensation for the mental anguish you have sustained, especially if you have a permanent injury.

A lawsuit for every case is different and the lawyer shall have to discuss your case in detail before framing a lawsuit. Your lawyer will need your assistance in sorting out the facts and getting the necessary details to take on your case. Although some attorneys do not appreciate too much of a client’s participation in a lawsuit, the personal injury lawyers at Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC see client participation as very favorable and we will work together to achieve the best possible result for your case.

Insurance from Taxi cab Companies

Fortunately, despite rate of accidents and injuries which usually involve more than one passenger, taxi cab accidents tend to be well insured. The taxi cab driver is licensed, bonded and insured, and so is the taxi cab company. Additional insurance may include the other participants in the accident as well as your own insurance if applicable.

Indeed, if you were a taxi cab passenger and got involved in the accident for no fault of yours then the taxi cab company is liable to compensate for you. Hence, if you ever are involved in an accident, seek the necessary medical attention and then seek the advice of competent and experienced attorneys to address your legal needs. The attorneys at Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC can help.

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