Estate Litigation Lawyer Melbourne Florida

Estate Litigation Lawyer Melbourne, Florida

Estate Litigation Lawyer Melbourne, Florida

Losing a loved one can be devastating, and the loss can be compounded when family members argue about what should happen to the estate. As an estate litigation lawyer Melbourne, Florida has to offer, we have been handling disputes between loved ones for many years. Our experience involves all levels of disputes regarding wills, inheritance rights, trusts, and other sensitive issues. If you would like to speak with an estate planning lawyer Melbourne, Florida respects, call the Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood now. 

What is Estate Litigation?

Following a death, the Will must be filed with the Probate Court. It must also be read to those who are named within the Will. At this point, or even beforehand, a dispute might have arisen. This could be regarding who gets what, who might have been left out of the will, or who thought they should have received assets, but did not. 

In addition to a scenario, such as the above, litigation may include:

  • Multiple Wills exist
  • There is a missing trust
  • There are missing assets
  • A “long lost” family member comes forward
  • There are fraud allegations
  • There are allegations of undue influence
  • + More

Our estate litigation lawyers in Melbourne, Florida know how complicated the dynamics of a family can be. When it comes to the emotions arising from the loss of a loved one, disputes can easily arise. If they are not handled in a strategic, yet sensitive way, they can have a ripple-like effect on the entire family unit. Sadly, some estate disputes can cause families to break apart. As a Melbourne, Florida estate litigation lawyer, it is our goal to navigate carefully through a dispute so that an amicable resolution can be reached before things fall apart. We do our best to be mindful of the emotions involved, all the while keeping our clients’ interests at the forefront. We realize that sometimes, things have already taken their turn for the worst, and zealous, aggressive litigation is needed. In this case, you can rely on our estate litigation lawyers in Melbourne, FL to be at your side. 

In most of our cases, we are able to reach a solution before the case goes to court. However, sometimes our proactive attempts are not successful. In this case, a judge may need to hear the case and make a decision based upon what is presented in court. You would certainly want a lawyer there for you and your interests. 

What You Should Do If a Dispute Occurs

If you are a Trustee, Executor, Personal Representative, Named Heir, or another party who feels like they should have been a part of the estate, it is your right to file a dispute with the Probate Court in Florida when, or if, you believe there is an issue. Typically, you will need an estate litigation lawyer in Melbourne, Florida. As you explore your options, you should not:

  • Do anything that could be seen as a vengeful act
  • Hide or steal assets
  • Participate in anything violent
  • Destroy documents
  • Destroy assets
  • Forge documents
  • Make decisions without consulting a lawyer

Estate litigation is very complicated and often takes many hours of time before a resolution can be met. If you are involved in a dispute or litigation matter, please call an estate litigation lawyer Melbourne, Florida residents prefer, such as The Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood.

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