Defamation of Character Lawyer Melbourne FL

Defamation of Character Lawyer Melbourne FL

Defamation of Character Lawyer Melbourne FL

Defamation involves the speaking or writing of a false statement that results in some kind of harm or injury to a person’s reputation. As a defamation of character lawyer in Melbourne, Florida, the Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood represents individuals and businesses who have been defamed, as well as, those who have been accused of defaming another. Our defamation lawyers offer legal advocacy and counseling with respect to claims of defamation – with and without the court’s intervention. It is our objective to settle these disputes within the boundaries of the law, and as amicable as possible.

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Who Could Win a Defamation of Character Lawsuit?

In theory, anyone who has been defamed, be it an individual or business, could file a claim for defamation. However, there are laws that offer a stronger form of protection for private individuals than public figures. For example, a public figure will typically be required to prove malice. This is not always easy to do so; however, with the help of a Melbourne FL defamation of character lawyer, it is possible.

It is also easier to win a defamation case when a statement is made that can be proven to be intentionally false as opposed to a negligent statement, or one that was thought to be made on the basis of an opinion. In general, winning a defamation case on the basis of negligence is often not possible for a public figure. Private individuals, on the other hand, may prevail in this type of situation.

The Definition of Defamation – Per Se

Typically, a Melbourne FL defamation of character lawyer, on behalf of the plaintiff, must prove they suffered damage or loss. This may not be the case when a statement is considered to be defamation per se. Depending on the state, if your case involves defamation per se, the plaintiff may not be able to prove damages; rather, they are assumed. Examples of defamation per se include:

  • Charging the plaintiff with a crime
  • Stating a false fact that is likely to damage or injure the plaintiff
  • Alleging or charging the plaintiff has an illness or disease
  • Imputing or implying the plaintiff is unchaste

If the above can be proven, you may win your case with the guidance of a defamation of character lawyer.  

Online Defamation

The internet is one of the most popular ways to communicate. This has led to a new type of defamation known as internet defamation. This occurs when defaming statements are made or said online. These statements could be made on social media, blogs, review sites, websites, or any other online venue. Due to there being a large number of false statements on the web, internet defamation claims can be particularly challenging.

Defending Against Defamation Claims

In addition to representing people who have been affected by defamation, each Melbourne FL  defamation of character lawyer from our firm also represents those who have been accused.

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