Contract Attorney Melbourne, FL

Contract Attorney Melbourne, FL

Contract Attorney Melbourne, FL

At Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC, we understand the importance of having an accurate contract drafted. For years we have been drafting and reviewing legal documents that include business contracts, partnership contracts, operating agreements, purchase and sale contracts, personal agreements, residential leases, and so forth. If you are making an agreement with another party, you should consult a contract attorney in Melbourne, FL for further advice and assistance. By doing so you can safeguard your agreement and your future. 

If you would like to know more about how our Melbourne, Florida contract lawyers can help you draft your next legal agreement, or assist you with a breach of contract, please call us today. 

Topics We Can Discuss With You

  • Types of agreements we draft
  • Legal insights
  • Forming a business
  • How to document the dissolution of a business
  • Why each business owner should have separate legal representation
  • The importance of using correct language in a  contract

Our Legal Contract Services

As a contract lawyer in Melbourne, FL, our firm offers a number of different contract services. The following are some of the most common:

Partnership Agreements – These help to establish a business partnership by stating the legal terms under which a newly arranged business partnership will operate.

Operating Agreements – These are important agreements that detail the financial structure and functional operations. Usually, they are needed for an LLC business. 

Purchase and Sale Contracts – When you are selling or buying large assets or a business, this agreement will ensure the transfer is legally binding. 

Client Service Contracts – Whether you are an independent contractor or other business owner, a client service agreement will detail the obligations and rights between all parties involved. 

Licensing Agreements – As a contract lawyer in Melbourne, Fl we cannot emphasize the importance of drafting a license agreement whenever intellectual property is involved.

Employment Agreements – These agreements detail the scope and  terms of employment, and will also cover important elements such as non-specific tasks, vacation time, termination, and so forth. 

Reviewing and Revising a Contract

In the event of you already having a contract in place, but you’re unsure about its ability to hold up in a court of law, let a contract lawyer in Melbourne, FL review it and provide you with practical and honest advice. As we review this document, your lawyer will outline and address any specific legal concerns. We’ll also be happy to spearhead negotiations in the event of you needing a new contract. 

Breach of Contract

A contract attorney Melbourne, FL residents trust knows that contracts do not always go the way people think they should. When you enter into a contract with another party, it is likely that you have both read the terms and conditions, agree to them, and have signed your names. This seems very straightforward. However, all too often people break their word and do not abide by the rules in the contract. For example, if you signed a contract with a catering company, paid them the amount agreed upon, and they never delivered the food that they were supposed to, they not only broke their word, but they broke the contract you both agreed to. In this situation, what that catering company did is a breach of contract. While this may not seem fair, this is something that many businesses and individuals deal with daily, but it is not something that you have to live with. If your company is dealing with a breach of contract and is seeking legal assistance, contact a Melbourne, Florida contract attorney at Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC today.

What exactly is a breach of contract?

If two people verbally agree on something but one person does not fulfill their word, this would not necessarily be a breach of contract and can be hard to prove in court. However, when two parties have signed a contract and one of those parties does not fulfill their obligations as outlined in the terms of the contract, then this is a breach. When this is the case, a contract attorney Melbourne residents trust can help you.

Are there different types of breaches?

When someone breaches a contract, it is important to know what kind of breach it was and how that will impact you and your business. Below is more information on the different types of contract breaches.

  • Anticipatory Breach. When an anticipatory breach occurs, one party has reason to believe that the other party will not fulfill their end of the contract in the time scheduled in the contract. If, for example, your company had a large event to host and they hired a decorating company to come in and they were told it would take 2-3 days to fully decorate but no one has come in to set up and the event is the next morning, you would have reason to believe there will be a breach in the contract.
  • Material Breach. When a material breach occurs, one party has failed to perform the duties that the contract outlined them to do. When this happens, a very clear breach has occurred and the victim can go to court.
  • Fundamental Breach. After a fundamental breach has occurred, not only has one party not fulfilled their duties, but it can actually force the other party to not have the opportunity to perform their duties as well. When this happens, the party that intended to go through with the contract can take the opposing party to court and sue for damages.
  • Minor Breach. When there is a minor breach, it means that someone technically did the work they were supposed to but it might not have been on time or might not have been the quality of work expected of them. While the innocent party can sue for damages, they are still expected to keep up with the contract.

Do You Know What Your Legal Needs Are?

Many people come to us because they don’t understand legal terminology or feel unsatisfied with generic online contracts. These are not always ideal; in fact, they can be so general that they might interfere with your specific legal needs. Furthermore, they could leave legal loopholes which enable another party to take advantage of the situation. This is not something you should want. Let us comb through every detail of your unique situation and create a contract that works. To learn more about our services, call a contract lawyer Melbourne, FL trusts today. 

How a Contract Attorney in Melbourne Florida from Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC can Help You

If you entered into a contract with another party and they breached this contract, you should hold them responsible. On the other hand, if you need a contract to be drafted, you should consult a lawyer. For more information on contract issues and to set up a consultation with us, reach out to a Florida contract attorney from the law offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC today.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Review Your Business Contracts 

If you are a business owner, you will almost certainly enter into multiple contracts in the next year. Whether you’re entering into a contract with another company or vendor, an employer or an independent contractor, it’s important to consult with an experienced Melbourne, FL contract attorney before “signing on the dotted line” or presenting anyone else with a contract to sign. Failure to seek legal guidance from an experienced Melbourne, FL contract attorney proactively could lead to potentially disastrous consequences. From financial loss to legal liability, contract challenges can sink an otherwise thriving business. Meeting with the team at The Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood will allow you to get a sense of what contract review looks like practically and will help you better understand why it’s so important to have professional guidance when it comes to entering into and/or enforcing contract terms. 

Proper Review Makes Contracts Easier to Enforce 

There is no point in having a contract in place if it is not enforceable in court. If you write a contract yourself or download a template that isn’t reviewed by an attorney, you might leave out key terms that are necessary to make the contract enforceable. For instance, many businesses require employees to sign non compete agreements. However, state laws vary in the kinds of agreements they will enforce. If you use a form contract you found online, it might not consider the specific laws upheld in Florida. If you work with an experienced Melbourne, FL contract attorney, our team will ensure that your contract is constructed in a way that better ensures its legal enforceability. 

Contract Review Helps to Ensure that Your Business Needs Are Met

There are many types of contracts businesses can enter into, including employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements and intellectual property assignments. If you don’t have a background in business law, you might not know about all the contracts your business needs to stay protected. An experienced Melbourne, FL contract attorney can evaluate the type of business you have and then recommend the types of contracts you need to protect it.

Your Attorney Will Look Out for Your Best Interests

If you don’t have extensive knowledge in contract law, you have a higher risk of getting taken advantage of during contract signings. That is another major reason to have a skilled business lawyer by your side. Our Melbourne, FL contract attorney team understands how to construct a solid contract and will look out for your best interests. We look forward to learning about your company’s unique contract review needs.  

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