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Category: Business Law

Fictitious name Application FOR BPP TAPHOUSE, d/b/a
BPP Taphouse, LLC is applying for a dba with the Florida Division of Corporations. The dba is BPP Taphouse, LLC. The owner of the dba name will be BPP Taphouse, [...]
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Meetings and Minutes: How Often Should They Be Updated?
Corporate Lawyer in Melbourne, FL Being in a corporation offers your company a lot of benefits you may not otherwise have. To keep your status as a corporation, there are [...]
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Damages in Defamation Cases
Damages The way by which the extent of harm (caused by the defendant to the plaintiff) is measured in financial terms in a court of law, is called Damages. As [...]
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Business Valuation Attorney
Business Valuations With a Transaction Business Valuation Attorney Valuation, generally speaking, is the process of assigning or determining the value of a property, asset, product or company. Value of Business [...]
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Non Disclosure Agreements / NDA Attorney / Lawyer
Effectively Preserving Sensitive or Confidential Information Residing in an era of fast and easy communication and widespread media influence, getting information is a simple task. Such expediency in information results [...]
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Using an Attorney for your Business Processes
Business Processes   Business processes are the methods which are used to implement any sound business plan or idea. Efficient business processes can ensure smooth operations and revenues, while lacking [...]
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Business Formation
Business Formations – General Principles Every sound business plan requires some thinking and it is always advisable to think over which kind of company you wish to operate. The entity [...]
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Florida Statutes 608.4225 Duty of Loyalty and Care Under Florida Corporation and Business Law
Duty Of Loyalty and Care F.S. 608.4225 No Standing as to Alpha Properties In Count II Plaintiff, alleges that he is a member of Alpha Properties, claims that Defendant breached [...]
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Wrongful Termination Explanation – Video by Maurice Arcadier, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law
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Wrongful Termination Explanation: This video is a wrongful termination explanation under Florida Law, and the elements which explains what wrongful termination is in the State of Florida. This video is [...]
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Attorney Maurice Arcadier, Explains Employment Law Whistleblower Issues in Fl
Attorney from law firm Arcadier and Associates, Maurice Arcadier, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law, of Melbourne, Florida, discusses whistleblower issues in a short videolaw issue for background information [...]
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