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If you suffered injuries from an airbag, you should speak to an airbag accident attorney Melbourne, FL residents trust. You may be entitled to compensation. While airbags are designed to protect you in the event of an accident, they can cause severe injuries if they’re poorly manufactured.

Common Injuries Caused By Airbags

Airbags are supposed to prevent life-threatening injuries during vehicle collisions, but can sometimes cause injuries themselves, including:

  • Eye Injuries: If the airbag hits your eyes with strong force when it’s deployed, injuries can result. In fact, you may even experience temporary or permanent vision loss in at least one eye.
  • Burns: An airbag deploys very quickly, which can increase the risk of burns on your face and arms. Burns are very painful and can cause disfigurement.
  • Chest Injuries: Airbags have to deploy quickly to prevent your body from being thrown out of your seat. Unfortunately, they can cause injuries to your chest in the process. It’s not uncommon to break bones or have soft tissue injuries in your chest.
  • Neck Injuries: An airbag deployment can cause your head to jerk back and forth suddenly, increasing your risk of whiplash. Symptoms of this injury include neck pain and stiffness, dizziness and headaches.

How to Minimize the Risk of Airbag Injuries

The idea of getting injured by an airbag is scary, but you can take steps to reduce your risk. An airbag accident attorney in Melbourne, FL suggests taking the following measures.

  • Wear Your Seatbelt: Before you start driving your vehicles, make sure you have your seatbelt on. This safety device will prevent your body from moving forward into the area where the airbag will deploy.
  • Sit Far Away from the Steering Wheel: When you’re driving, try to avoid putting your body up against the steering wheel. The farther you are away from the steering wheel, the less likely you are to suffer an injury from an airbag.
  • Don’t Drive if You’re Pregnant: If you’re currently expecting, you should try to avoid driving as much as possible. If an airbag deploys, it could injure your unborn baby.

Seeking Compensation for an Airbag Injury

Even if you take the necessary measures to prevent airbag injury, it can still happen. If you were recently injured by an airbag, you should discuss your legal options with a car accident attorney in Melbourne, FL. He or she can assess your case and help you file a timely claim against the airbag manufacturer. If you have any documents pertaining to your case, such as medical records, you should bring them with you to your initial consultation.

If you suffered an injury from an airbag, schedule a consultation with an airbag accident attorney in Melbourne, FL today.

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