Do You Need to Involve a Lawyer in Your Workers Compensation Claim?

Accidents and mishaps are a part of life. You won’t likely avoid injuries of one sort or another. If an injury occurs at work, however, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. As a construction accident lawyer in New Jersey from a firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, this  coverage protects you from having to pay for medical care if you were injured while on the job.

The vast majority of employers are required to carry this insurance. Making a claim requires a few steps, and there are times when hiring an attorney can help you through the process. 

What the Insurance Covers

Workers’ comp will pay for the care you receive for injuries. This includes medication, doctor’s office visits, hospital stays, treatments, surgeries, medical equipment and rehabilitation. Your coverage should also replace income you lost for not being able to work. 

When it Applies

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover injuries you suffer while engaged in your regular, approved work duties. The injuries must occur while you are “on the clock” doing company business. The accident does not necessarily have to happen at the regular place of business. You can have coverage while working from home or on a company-approved business trip, as long as you are fulfilling tasks for the company when the incident happens. 

Making a Claim

If you are injured while working, you should report it to your supervisor or a human resources representative immediately. Document exactly what happened, including when and where it occurred, what you were doing, and what the nature of the injuries are. 

When to Hire a Lawyer

In many cases, the claims process goes smoothly, and you’ll get approval for it. However, there are some situations in which your employer or the insurance company will not move your claim forward. If this happens, or if your claim is denied, it is best to hire an attorney. Also, if your injuries were due to unsafe conditions at work or a lack of available training or equipment, it’s good to get a legal professional on your side. 

Why Hire a Lawyer

You are not required to hire a lawyer when you file a workers’ compensation claim. But, a lawyer can walk you through the appeals process in the event of a denial. A Workers’ comp lawyer understands the laws that govern this coverage and will make sure your rights are protected. Your lawyer will review your case and ensure that your employer and the insurance company followed all case-claim guidelines correctly.

If you are hurt at work, discuss Workers’ Compensation coverage with your employer. If you have difficulty successfully filing a claim, a lawyer can help. 

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