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How long does it take to evict someone?

How long does it take to evict someone?

We are often asked, How Long Does it Take To Evict Someone? The best answer, is, it depends on many factors such as the quality of the lease agreement, whether it is a residential lease or a commercial lease, whether other damages are being sought (other than eviction), and the quality of your attorney.

In Florida, an uncontested residential eviction can be done in about 14  days (including the three day notice and writ of eviction), if the eviction is based on non payment and tenants fail to deposit monies into the court registry.

If the eviction is contested, then it depends on the quality of the defenses and how much litigation is involved. Some evictions can take years, however, these are unique cases.

The procedure to evict someone is codified in Florida Statutes Chapter 83.  some of the procedures are very technical and an experienced attorney should be consulted with. The attorneys at Arcadier and Associates have experience with the local innuendos of eviction in Brevard County. We service Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, and Surrounding Areas in Central Florida.