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What are my legal rights for being fired without any cause or reason?

What are my legal rights for being fired without any cause or reason?

Wrongful TerminationJon from Melbourne asked.

Wrongful termination is a complex area of the law. First, the employment relationship is governed by any written contracts that exist. If there is no written contracts, then Florida, along with most other jurisdictions, are governed by the the employment-at-will doctrine which govern the employment relationship. Under the employment at will doctrine, and employer can fire hire promote or demote at his discretion so long as the employer doesn’t violate a protected right.

Employees have many protected rights, including Family Leave protection, whistleblower protection, anti-discrimination protection, civil rights, freedom of speech, defamation and many others. Each conferred right has many rules and regulations which depend on the particular situation of the employee, the size of the employer and the particular circumstances of each situation.

If you feel your employer has violated a right of yours it is best to consult an attorney who specilaizes in employment law to address the particulars of your situation.