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What are the filing fees to form a corporation in the State of Florida

What are the filing fees to form a corporation in the State of Florida

IncorporationTo open a business in Florida, you should form a legal entity such as a Corporation and LLC. While you do not need to incorporate, incorporation has many advantages. Please see our incorporation page. The State of Florida Division of Corporatiobns charges a nominal fee to incorporate. The fees change depending on the legal structure you form, but an LLC for instance, which is the more expensive of the incorporation fees is currently only $125. For additional information, you can also go to the Department of State’s website at:

To operate a business there are other fees you should be mindful of the occupational license required by most Counties, andif your business is in an incorporated city within the County, then you may also need a City issued occupational license.

You should also have an independent business bank account with its own FEIN number.

There may be other specific fees you may need to pay depending on your industry. For instance, if you sell alcohol, you will need an alcohol license.

You would be well advised to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney to properly evaluate your specific needs. But in sum, the actual government fees to start a business in the State of Florida is minimal.