Personal Injury Claim Lawyer Melbourne Florida

Personal Injury Claim Lawyer Melbourne, Florida

Personal Injury Claim Lawyer Melbourne, Florida

If you have suffered an injury, and you believe negligence was a factor, please call a personal injury claim lawyer Melbourne, Florida has to offer. There are strict statute of limitations to follow, and if you should miss any of these deadlines, your case may be thrown out. Call Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC for a case review. 

Dealing with The Insurance Company After an Accident

Following any accident such as a premise liability accident or vehicle accident, you may be contacted by the defendant’s insurance company. The adjustor might ask you to spend some time talking with them about what happened. They might also want to know the events that led up to the accident, and whether you had any previous injuries, for example. As a personal injury lawyer Melbourne, FL offers might explain to you, it may be in your best interest to avoid speaking to anyone. 

Insurance adjusters are not on your side. They work for the insurance company, and they are in business to turn a profit. This means they will fight hard to pay the least amount possible. All too often we have seen people be coerced into making errors or statements that they didn’t mean or understand. As a result, they lost money that they should have been able to recover. Regardless of how sympathetic the insurance adjuster might seem, or how many promises they make to you, please remember they do not serve your interests. If you would like to avoid the potential of a hassle, please call a Melbourne, Florida personal injury claim lawyer. 

Social Media Mistakes!

Social media is a great way to catch up with friends and talk about events. It might even be tempting to discuss your injuries, the accident, or other relevant details about what happened. However, we would recommend that you do not post anything whatsoever about the accident. The insurance adjustor, or defendants’ legal team may turn to social media to uncover discrepancies or information that can be used against you. 

A famous case (not handled by our firm) involved in a woman who injured her leg in an accident. She posted on social media a picture of her outside of a ski resort. She was not skiing, but watching her young child ski. The insurance company argued that she should not have been outside of the resort where it was slippery. Because of this, she was awarded a lesser amount than she might have recovered. 

Following Your Doctors Orders

If you are not already aware, it is prudent that you follow all of your doctor’s orders. For example, if your doctor tells you that you should not be lifting anything, you should follow what they say. It is well known that insurance adjusters will send people out to observe victims in their daily life. If you get caught doing something that you are not supposed to be doing, or claim that you cannot do, your case could be significantly compromised. If you don’t understand the importance of this, you can speak with a personal injury lawyer Melbourne, FL provides. 

Keep a Journal

It can be useful to keep a journal or log of your injuries and recovery. The sooner you begin this, the better. In your journal can also be digital photos or videos of your injuries, movements, or other physical ailments that are relevant to your case. You should talk about your pain levels, what you can or cannot do, what your doctor is recommending, and anything else that might feel important. This journal can be handed over to your Melbourne, Florida personal injury claim lawyer who can then use the information to build a sound case. 

For a consultation with a personal injury claim lawyer in Melbourne, Florida, call Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC.

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