Whistleblower, OSHA (FOX Business News Network) – Interview of Maurice Arcadier
Maurice Arcadier is interviewed by Fox Business News concerning a high profile Whistleblower case over a death of an employee while performing in the Seaworld Orlando Whale show. Fox News [...]
Larry King Final Part 2
Maurice Arcadier is interviewed by Larry King. Part Two. See the full transcripts: In this second part interview, Mr. Arcadier is interviewed by Larry King. Mr. Arcadier represented the whistleblower [...]
Nursing Malpractice
When a nurse does not competently perform their medical responsibilities which then causes harm to the patient, it is considered nursing malpractice. There are many ways in which a nurse [...]
How Tired Truck Drivers Could Be Putting Others At Risk
Those who are hit by commercial trucks, whether in a passenger vehicle or riding a motorcycle, can suffer painful and costly injuries as a result of the impact. Commercial trucks [...]
Tips to Driving With Sun Glare
With the summer season here, we will be seeing much sunnier days. While a bright sun is great for sunbathing at the beach, it can be dangerous when you’re behind [...]