Litigation Attorney Melbourne Florida

Litigation Attorney Melbourne, FL

Litigation Attorney Melbourne, FL

What is the role of a Melbourne, FL litigation attorney? A litigation attorney typically represents someone when lawsuits crop up and they are responsible for handling each step of the litigation starting from the investigation to the appeals process. At Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC, we do not view our clients merely as cases. Instead, We are invested in the outcome of our clients’ cases and how we can get them the outcome that is best for their situation. Although not every issue that arises will be litigious in nature from the beginning, having a Melbourne, Florida business litigation attorney by your side can ensure that we are there for you when you need us most. We can help you prepare for all possibilities when a dispute crops up and we can aggressively represent you in court.

What does a litigation attorney in Melbourne, FL handle?

There is typically a process when it comes to litigation, and below you will see the steps we go through to ensure we have covered everything so we are best prepared for your case.

  • The Assessment. If you are hoping to file a lawsuit, we can conduct an initial assessment to determine if you have a substantial case for a lawsuit. During the initial assessment phase, we may interview our client, locate witnesses and interview them, and investigate various leads. At this phase, we may even attempt to dissolve a lawsuit before it happens by coming up with a pre-litigation settlement.
  • Drafting and Filing Pleadings. If you are the plaintiff in the lawsuit, a litigation attorney Melbourne, FL residents rely on will draft and file a summons to initiate the actual lawsuit process. In other cases, a litigation attorney may file different motions before the trial even begins to change the trial’s location or even dismiss evidence.
  • Discovery. During the discovery process in a lawsuit, your litigation attorney will exchange any relevant information with the other party. This could include requesting the other party’s documents, examining physical evidence, and even drafting questions that the other party in your lawsuit is obliged to answer.
  • Trial. When a case goes to trial, your Florida litigation attorney will be extremely busy conducting presentations before a judge and preparing for court. During this time, they will also be talking with experts who can strengthen your case and prepare witnesses for giving their testimonies. The litigator will also be a part of selecting the jury for your trial. Finally, your litigation attorney will make opening and closing statement and will cross-examine witnesses during the trial.
  • A Settlement. A settlement is not always likely, but when your litigation attorney successfully negotiates with the other party to this lawsuit, it is possible to avoid trial altogether.
  • The Appeals Process. The final step a Melbourne litigation attorney can go through is the appeals process. If new evidence could change the direction of a trial when it does not go well, your litigation attorney can present that evidence to the court to appeal.

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Having a litigation attorney on your side before issues ever crop up can be incredibly important when it comes to ensuring you are well-prepared for any lawsuit. If you would like more information on when to hire a Melbourne, FL litigation attorney or if you would like to speak with a litigation attorney from Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC, call our office!

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