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Attorney At Law

Attorney At Law

The eight lawyers of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood, PLLC are dedicated and experienced attorneys representing clients in Brevard County, Melbourne Florida with diverse legal needs including personal injury, car accidents, bankruptcies, foreclosures, commercial litigation, business law, sexual harassment wills, and employment law.

Our team of attorneys and staff have extensive expertise in just about every field of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, business law, immigration, whistle-blower protections, and mediation. As evidenced by our AV rating pursuant to Martindale-Hubble, our lawyers and attorneys are respected by court officials, judges, legal peers and opposing counsel for their professionalism and efficiency. As experienced Lawyers covering Melbourne, Palm Bay and surrounding areas in Brevard County, Florida, our lawyers will always be responsive to your questions and concerns.

You will always know the status of your case. With over 75 years of combined legal experience representing individuals, companies, and organizations, we are able to see many sides of a legal problem and legal issues. Indeed, we have an attorney that is perfectly right for your legal needs.



Background Checks / Fingerprinting / Biometrics Services
As information becomes more accurate and accessible, Background checks have become standard practice for companies and individuals to ascertain public and semi-public information on individuals and companies prior to entering into a contract, transaction or endeavor. Our law firm can provide an accurate background check on an individual or company for as little as $100.
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Bankruptcy Attorney Law Florida
Bankruptcy Attorney and Lawyer Services in Brevard County, Melbourne, Florida and surrounding Central Florida areas available to help you with all your bankruptcy needs (both personal and corporate bankruptcies).
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Business Law Attorney
Business Law attorneys, often also referred to as Commercial Law attorneys or commercial litigators, is the area of legal specialty that deals with the laws governing the establishment and operation of a business, transactions between an existing business and another business (or a vendor, client, or customer) and when necessary, litigation and representation to resolve disputes between any business or commercial transaction.
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Commercial Litigation Attorney
Commercial litigation attorney: Business transactions which result in litigation law, is often referred to as commercial litigation. It is a legal dispute between companies concerning a contract or business dispute such as partnership rights or breaches.
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Defamation Lawyer / Slander Attorney
Defamation Slander (Libel) and the process to pursue a defamation claim is oftentimes different from one state to another and even differently applied from County to County. This article is applicable only to the State of Florida, and in particular, the law of the 5th District Court of Appeals which encompasses most of Central Florida including Orange County, Brevard County, and Volusia County, as well as the Cities of Orlando, Melbourne, Palm Bay and Daytona. For additional questions, give us a call and our Defamation Lawyer can assess the particulars of your situation.
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Employment Law Attorneys
An Employment Lawyer deals with employment law and legal concepts that regulates the operation of the labor market in general, and the employment relationship between employers and employees in particular. Examples include the hiring process, suspension from work, maternity rights, layoff, wages and overtime pay, discrimination, defamation, breach of employment contract, retaliation, freedom of speech in the workplace, military re-hires, and unemployment compensation.
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Immigration Law Attorneys
Immigration Attorney and Lawyer representing clients in Immigration Law under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (INA). As a way of background, the most significant amendment to the INA, in 1965, abolished the natural origin provisions and established a new quota system. Federal immigration law determines associated legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in the United States. It also provides means by which certain aliens can become naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship.
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ITAR Attorney / Export Compliance
An ITAR Attorney or ITAR lawyer is highly recommended for any business which intends to export defense or military goods, services or information. This area of the Law is an area of legal practice where an ITAR attorney or ITAR lawyer is retained to assess ITAR risks, help with licensure or licensure exemptions, and to provide legal advice on ITAR compliance issues and minimize risks.
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Landlord / Tenant Law Attorneys
Landlord Tenant Law is a contractual relationship between someone who owns property and someone that wants a temporary use of that property. Generally speaking, there are two general categories of the landlord and tenant relationship.
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Open a Company
Starting a Florida Corporation – Incorporating online with an experienced business law attorney
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Security Clearance Attorney / Lawyer
A Security Clearance is a Department of Defense Directive which authorizes the United States government to grant people access to information which the government deems to be classified or otherwise needs to be protected from countries, companies or foreign persons. A Security Clearance attorney can help you through the process.
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Social Security Law Attorneys
Social Security Attorneys in Florida, Experienced Social Security Attorney to Serve Your Legal Needs
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Trademarks Attorneys
Intellectual property law, as a specific area of business law and includes trademarks, and licensing. Often this area of the law is complex and esoteric, but it is a necessary part of a properly designed business endeavor. Trademarks and Patents are legal instruments created to establish ownership in the creation, design or innovation of a product, design mark, or even a process. It is a very important part in business establishment and protections from copycatters and cheaters.
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Wage Attorneys / Unpaid Overtime
Many a time it happens that an employer does not pay the wages for the overtime work done by a worker due to a number of reasons. Unpaid overtime can be a major cause of distress among wage-earners. The FLSA, which is the abbreviation of the Fair Labor Standards Act is the law that protects the rights of a worker against such incidences.
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Will Estate Planning Lawyer Melbourne FLorida
Estate Planning encompasses a specific area of the law that maximizes how assets are distributed to heirs, protected from creditors, coordinating tax benefits, and minimizing costly legal expenses as a result of adversary proceedings. Estate Planning includes the having a properly executed Will and having the appropriate trust given the particulars of your financial situation, the number of heirs, and real estate ownership.
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Wrongful Death Attorneys
The untimely death of a loved one is always a nightmare scenario for everyone.
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My wife and I recently needed legal representation. It was in regards to an employment issue with a contract. Mr. Arcadier was very professional and helpful. He listened to our issues and discussed with us the best option for us. We highly recommend this law firm.    
Javier Aragon
I have worked with this law office for several years now. My boss has several cases where he is represented by attorney Maurice Arcadier and they are very professional and very straight forward. Their staff is super friendly and caring. We deal with tons of other attorneys and this law firm is one of the top firms in Florida. Mr. Arcadier is a well experienced lawyer and a great litigator.
Nicole Andino
In the past five years my firm has worked closely with Mr. Arcadier and his team on a variety of complex litigation matters spanning multiple practice areas. The firm has always delivered knowledgeable, experienced counsel with great attention to detail, reasonable billing, and fantastic results. I endorse Mr. Arcadier as representative of the pinnacle of the legal profession.
Matthew Troccoli
As an entrepreneur who has many moving parts in my businesses it's hard to find a law firm that cares about the customer. We have used Arcadier for several years now and are very happy with all of their services, most importantly they bill fairly.
James White